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Candidate Services Weekly Time Sheet

Cost To Hire

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Great help is hard to find! ... but now there is a way that makes it easier!

This is what you have:
To-do List - Hiring the hard way!

  1. Decide to hire
  2. Create/review position description
  3. Write and place advertisement
  4. Wait for responses
  5. Dodge unwanted phone calls
  6. Screen resumes
  7. Call the most promising candidates
  8. Conduct first interviews
  9. Check references
  10. Conduct second interviews
  11. Hope you have chosen the best candidate
  12. Hire!

This is what you could have:
To-do List - Hiring the effective way!

  1. Decide to hire
  2. Call “Great People Personnel” @ 604-439-0802
  3. Meet screened, qualified candidates to check for personal suitability
  4. Choose the candidate you like best!

Which Do You Prefer?

Delegate the time-consuming recruiting process, saving you time and money. Find the right person for your company, increasing productivity and reducing turnover.

Great People Personnel has the professional experience in recruitment you need. The services we will provide you with are:

  • Customize to your needs
  • Professionally delivered
  • Efficient and affordable
  • Effective for unique or unusual positions
  • Flexible, you choose the service
  • All levels, all industries, all opportunities

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