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Maternity Leave Package

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Maternity leaves are a fact of life and a fact of business. With the extended maternity leave up to 52 weeks, filling the void can often cause major headaches and disruption to your daily office routines.

Great People’s maternity leave package provides the right staffing solution to control your largest overhead expense… staffing for the leave!

Finding the right individual to cover the maternity leave requires someone who can more than just “fill the void”:

  • A qualified person with the right skill set.
  • The ability to be flexible and integrate into your work environment quickly.
  • A qualified replacement on your staff, but not on your payroll. (Choice of Contract Placement, if desired.)

Great People’s maternity leave package takes the guesswork out of the situation by providing the following:

  • In-depth position description and profiles of your expectations of the individual.
  • Daily function schedule completed with your employee, as a Guide for the temporary or contract placement.
  • Precise matching of skills through our evaluation system.
  • A screened, referenced and assessed qualified professional.
  • Pre-interview set at a convenient time for you.
  • One full day of free training when hired on GPP payroll.
  • Weekly service and quality check from the assigned supervisor.
  • Employee retention guarantee through an incentive program designed for a long-term temporary assignment.

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