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10 Steps To Raise Staff Morale

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What is the value of motivated employees?

While many companies concentrate on improving the bottom line, few spend much time on employee morale. But many management specialists note that productivity and morale are related. Morale is not some abstract concept but a tangible factor that contributes to quality work and efficiency.

As a manager, how can you boost morale, and how can both managers and staff work together to raise their own morale? Here are ten suggestions that could help:

  1. Be brave! An old maxim, “The truth hurts” could apply. If you want to know about morale levels and how to motivate your people, ask them. You may or may not like the answers but knowledge gives you a place to start.
  2. Be clear! Provide your people with precise direction. When people have a strong understanding of results of their actions they are more energized.
  3. Build trust! Trust is a natural outgrowth of honesty and caring about your team. To grown trust, allow staff to openly express their feelings, provide appropriate feedback, practice supportive relationships, establish a climate of respect and demonstrate leadership by example.
  4. Staff involvement! When staff members are assertive, express their career goals and their training needs to managers – and management listens – a partnership relationship can develop which should improve morale.
  5. Empower your staff! Give staff the responsibility for whole projects. Reward people who take responsibility. Encourage risk-taking. Avoid excessive reliance by staff on you. Train subordinates to think critically and ask questions.
  6. Communicate constantly! Communication, involving feedback (both positive and negative), must be given at the time events are taking place.
  7. Consider staff career goals! If you understand individual’s career goals, projects can be positioned in relation to the specific experience to expand employee’s skills. Always ask yourself the question, “What do my people need to consider themselves a success?”.
  8. Commit to a vision or mission statement! When everyone knows their goal, role and potential rewards and when it is understood that everyone is working to achieve a common end result, each person can strive to attain the mission.
  9. Limit Cynicism! Cynical remarks can be a major morale destroyer – point out when people are being cynical and mention you would prefer them to try to be positive.
  10. Lead By Example! “Do what I say, not what I do” is the quickest way to damage morale. Encourage people to excellence by practicing, “Do what I do”.

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