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How To Hire A Temp

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Efficient organizations know how to respond to the ever-changing needs of their business environment including fluctuations in staffing levels and requirements. To receive the very best from your temporary staff, follow this easy point form action plan.


  • Decide on specific requirements and skills necessary to accomplish the job. Requesting a Receptionist and neglecting to mention some computer involvement will result in a non-computer literate placement and a delay.
  • Do not request a Temporary Employee with more skills than the assignments requires; the extra cost is not necessary.
  • However, do not try to save on the expense by requesting a less qualified Temporary Employee than you actually require. The selected individual may then not be able to carry out the duties you expected.

For GPP to deliver exceptional service, we will need to know:

  • Whether the Temporary Employee will be filling in for your permanent staff or be handling extra work.
  • Approximately how long you will be requiring the Temporary Employee on the assignment.
  • Exactly what the job involves.
  • What type of office equipment will be used? If computer knowledge is needed, we will require the software name and version, including the operating system.
  • The working hours.
  • Who the Temporary Employee reports to.
  • Add any additional information; i.e., special parking, lunchroom facilities, etc. that may be of assistance.


  • Tell your permanent staff about the Temporary Employee. Ask them to be friendly and offer assistance to assure the individual will be comfortable in your office.
  • Check the workstation to ensure equipment is in working order and supplies are readily available.
  • Organize the work schedule. Although you will want the job completed within the agreed time period, it is better to extend the assignment than to demand too much. Stress and pressure can cause costly mistakes.
  • Appoint a staff member to supervise the Temporary Employee, to answer questions and make occasional progress checks. It is necessary this supervisor understand the importance of the responsibility and what has to be accomplished.


  • Brief the Temporary Employee about the company. To ensure co-operation, outline in advance the policies and procedures affecting the Temporary Employee; i.e. lunch periods, telephone technique, etc.
  • Introduce the supervisor and co-workers. Make sure expectations are clear to both the Temporary Employee and the supervisor. A fellow worker should also be available to answer questions and solve problems.
  • Outline job responsibilities in depth. When you point out the details and the significance of each task, the Temporary Employee will see the total picture and anticipate any problems.
  • Inspect performance. Check work regularly to make sure that it is performed to your satisfaction. If a problem arises, call Great People Personnel immediately. If the Temporary Employee proves unsatisfactory, notify us within the first four hours and we will dispatch a replacement.
  • Please be candid and forthright, when our Assignment Supervisor makes the Quality Control call to you. The results and comments become a part of our records.


  • Check the hours. Review the timesheet carefully and each subsequent timesheet if the week assignment is extended.
  • Sign the timesheet or have someone else designated to sign. Temporary Employees cannot be paid without a signed timesheet.
  • Initial any corrections made by the Temporary Employee.
  • Check lunch hours taken, and if none were taken, please authorize.
  • Be sure to retain your copy of the timesheet for cross checking against your invoice.
  • The signature on the timesheet is deemed to be the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions on the reverse of the timesheet. Direct any queries to the Temporary Division of Great People Personnel; answering your questions quickly and accurately is important to us.

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